Monday, December 17, 2007

Sundays are so special

Yesterday, I did it to myself.

There is one particular homeless man who likes to frequent our floor. Most times, he disturbes the other patrons and must be escorted out of the library.

Yesterday, he walked onto the floor talking loudly. He was so loud that when he approached a bank of internet computers, all that were using them turned around to stare at him. He noticed them looking at him and got real quiet( I guess he had flashbacks of being asked to leave.)

He found a table and I thought that he would be calm for the rest of the afternoon. No!!!! He approached the desk and began asking the floor manager questions. I was thinking everything would be fine, as long as he left me alone.

About 1/2 hour later, I saw him approaching the desk while I was alone helping a patron. I mumbled, "Aw man!! Here he comes again."

The patron I was helping began laughing as she asked me, "Is he talking to his friends that we can't see?"

I told her that he was. To our surprise, he stopped right beside us and just stared. He then looks me in the face and asks, "AND, how are you doing today?" I answered, and he walked away.

Each time I was on the desk after that, he would stop in front of me and stare for a while. After staring, he would ask, "And, how are you today?"

I guess he wanted me to know that he knew he was irritating me.


B.Good said...

so, how were you doing? LOL

I like how he threw in the "And", as if he had somethin else to say.

Jazzy said...

LOL...I think he wanted you to know that he's not as crazy as you think. He can be civilized and politely talk when he wants.

The next time I'm on the west coast I have to visit this library. You have the craziest stories!

Homeless people wondering having to get gotta see it for myself!

Nexgrl said...

B. Good,
I told him that I was doing just fine.

O. Diva,
You'd probably catch us at a time when it's calm.

Cante said...

I guess you can't know what life will throw at you!
Wierd huh!

Nexgrl said...

Weird is putting it mildly.