Monday, February 25, 2008

After a 3 day break

My first hour on the desk this morning. One of the public terminals had an 'Out of Order' sign posted. A patron looked at the sign, and proceeded to move it and examine the monitor. I walked over to the terminal and told the patron, " The sign is posted for a reason." I returned the sign to the original position. The patron's response, "You don't even know what I did!"

I said, "I saw you move the sign and look at the screen." I returned to the reference desk.

2 minutes passed. I received a call from the computer room. They informed me that the problem had been corrected on the 'Out of Order' terminal. I went over to the terminal and removed the sign.....................................The same offending patron said to me, "I THOUGHT THE SIGN WAS POSTED FOR A REASON!!!!"

I turned slightly and said, "It was posted for a reason, but I received a telephone call, tellling me that the problem had been fixed. IF YOU MUST KNOW THE REASON!!!!"

As soon as I returned to the desk, my co-worker said, "I knew he was going to get it the minute he said something smart to you."


Jazzy said...

LOL! Well personally, I kneeeeeeew dude was going to have something to say as soon as you removed the sign...just because he's an obvious smartazz!

Nexgrl said...

Diva, After I gave him a smart answer right back, he shut up. I really wasn't having it after that.