Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The ugly part of my job

I know some of you may think that there's no risk in librarianship.

I was chilling at my desk this morning, surfing the internet and what not. The floor manager calls(my telephone almost never rings,) he asked me to meet him at the reference desk. I panicked, thinking that the desk schedule had been changed and I was supposed to be out there working.................WRONG!

The floor manager and one of the full-time pages asked me to follow them into the stacks. We w walked toward the books that are in my ordering section. I'm thinking that a patron must have destroyed some of the books and just left them lying on the floor.

They both pointed to a stain on the ceiling. The manager pulled a book from the shelf and showed it to me. The pages were BLACK. There were a total of ten books with BLACK MOLD. Obviously, the leak was there long before I arrived at this job. Because that is my section, I had to notate the book information so that I could attempt to re-order the titles.


Tenacious said...

ewwwww....black mold?!

I can only imagine if it was me the way the mold spores will infulitrate my body and give me the plague


Nexgrl said...

Smart me, forgot to wear a face mask and ended up using my inhaler about 10 minutes after handling the books. I did wear gloves.

TrinaBeingTrina said...

Oh yeah, you definitely have a dangerous job. hahaha

Jazzy said...

Make sure you come in with one of those masks wacko jacko is fond of wearing. I'M SOOOOO SERIOUS!!

Nexgrl said...

The mold is the ugliest part. I've been in this dept. for 1 1/2 years and this is the 2nd time that I've had to deal with black mold in books. Those who came before me failed to periodically go through and check for damaged material.

I actually have one of those masks in my desk. I just forgot to take it with me onto the floor.