Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Do they really?

This past Sunday 20 minutes before closing, a woman aproached me at the ref desk.
She was complaining that there was a man in the L.G. Center (where she was reading) talking kind of loud to himself and just acting strange. The kicker...

She said,"I realize some people come here and stay all day everyday, because they need someplace to go. There were other people in there, but they left because of that guy."

I looked at the clock and thanked her for telling me. By the time she finished, it was 15 minutes before closing. I told her that we are quite familiar with the guy, and so is security.

Because of the time, I knew that calling security would be a waste of time. I also knew that the guy would be leaving the building within 5 minutes.

What all of the staff knows about the man who"lives" in the center is that.....
1.He thinks that the center is
only for his use.
2.He makes funny noises and
talks to himself in the hope
that he will cause others to
leave the center.
3.Security makes him leave all
of the time.
What I know about the woman who complained is that she comes here everyday and stays all day!


Rashan Jamal said...

LOL - hypocrite!!!

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

that's classic maybe they should start going together!

you know like romantically

Nexgrl said...

She is a trip, she claims that she can't see very well, but she always says that she's reading in the library.

@Aunt Jackie
You'd think they would get together, but I get the impression that he only likes "pretty" people.