Monday, November 09, 2009

My two favorites right now

Last Monday, my coworker went to help a patron who complained about not being able to log onto an internet terminal.
My coworker returned to the desk and said, "The patron couldn't log onto the terminal because the ethernet cable had been unplugged. Another patron using a laptop had plugged the ethernet cable into it.". The laptop patron then asked my coworker what was the problem with him using the cable.

A patron called and asked me to give him the toll free 1-800 number for the state of Washington board of tourism. I returned to the telephone, told the patron that I found the number. As I began, "1-800-544," the patron stopped me and asked, "Is this the toll free number?"


Rashan Jamal said...

wow, i remember when they first had the 866 and 877 people used to ask if it was toll free, but 1 800? come on!

Nexgrl said...

Dude asked me for a toll-free 800 #, so I thought he understood that I was giving him one.