Sunday, September 22, 2013

So you know me...........Really?

Last month, I was helping a patron obtain a new library card. While processing the application, the patron looked out the window, saw his friend and went to speak with him. When the patron returned, he had his friend with him. I didn't look up from the computer terminal until I heard his friend say, " Oh, I know her already!" I immediately frowned and said while looking up, "You know me? From where?" As soon as where rolled off my tonge, I recognized the guy. So I said, "Yeah, WHY DON'T YOU TELL THAT STORY!" Dude closed his mouth immediately. Way back when I first begain working as a non-assistance food stamp eligibility worker, he was one of my first clients. He sweated me from day one. I was constantly telling him that I wasn't interested. 4 years after I began that job, I left for graduate school. I was gone 1 1/2 years. When I returned, I received a brand new caseload. Low and behold, once again old boy was my client. At that time, when he began to sweat me, I told him that I didn't date clients. He immediately let his case close and then called me. We went out once and I was not impressed. Another 3 years go by and I have since quit my old job and began working as a librarian. I had a home that needed painting and he was painting houses. We made a verbal contract and he painted my home. He failed to return and do the finishing touches on the paint job. I had paid him in full and as collateral, he left all of his ladders. 6 months later, I decided to sell that house. Dude had returned once, to say that he would finish the touch-ups and collect his ladders. By the time I was in escrow, I had no valid contact information for dude. I gave the ladders to the guy who was fixing up my new home for me.

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