Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is there a invisable sign somewhere?

This is a running joke between my friends and me. "Is there an invisible sign posted on my body, or over my head? Is is only visible to homeless, toothless, alcoholics, drug addicts, you get the picture?" There was a time when they approached me at the club, on the street while walking, and even while riding public transportation.

As a librarian, they always seem to come to me. Yesterday, Goldie and his son Goldie Jr. approach my desk talking about, " I know you can help me because you have all of the information. You are so beautiful." I had to listen very carefully because it was hard to understand what Goldie was saying. I must tell you that Goldie looked to be at least 50 years old and his son at least 30. I am being generous to both.

Today, the former Marine/Police Officer who lives around the corner comes in. He feels it is his duty to tell me how beautiful I am and ask if I am single. He is 56 years old. I know this because he tells me each time he talks to me. He is almost always drunk, he smells as if he has been drinking for three days straight. Today, he seemed to be sobor. Sobor or drunk, he is "mouth almighty." I was on the telephone when he approached my desk and it didn't matter. He just started his conversation.

It is cloudy and raining off and on today. I woke up and didn't feel like coming in, but I did. There was a glimpse of sun and I thought there may be an audience for storytime. I get to work and my boss, true to form; calls in sick. This is my seventh day without a off day. This woman had a four day weekend and hard the nerve to call in sick today. Our library assistant also called in sick. This left two of us until 1:00 p.m. We are so lucky that our former teen librarian just happened to drop by for a few hours.

The children didn't show up for storytime.


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