Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just one of those days

There are five computers in the chidren's area. Two of the computers have educational cd-rom programs on them and they are for children age 6 and under. The other three have internet access, but one of them is out of order. This is a MAJOR PROBLEM and has been since yesterday. I reported the problem to our Technology Department yesterday. They said that they would fix the problem this morning. It is after 6:00 p.m. and the terminal is still out of order.

3:45 p.m., no computers available. A mother comes in with her children. Her children are whinning that they want to use the computer. She then asks me if they can use the computer since they have library cards. I told her that they can use the computers, but they were currently occupied. She had the NERVE to look at me like I was crazy. Her look said she thought that I would make the children step away from the computers because her children wanted to use them. Let's not even talk about her wanting me to research adult titles for her because she was too LAZY to walk to the adult section and ask the Adult Reference Librarian for help. My area was swarming with children who were asking for assistance. In the middle of assisting her, she had the nerve to ask if she was interrupting. I didn't even bother to answer that question.

I know that our desire is for children to use the library, but they can drive us banannas at times. A group of boys from our local KIP Academy have been introduced to Google Imaging. Today, they are driving me crazy. They have this madd desire to enlarge the pictures of rappers they have downloaded. I introduced them to Google Imaging yesterday. They were working on an assignment. They had to gather detailed information on a particular animal, including pictures. I gave them books, both circulating and reference, but they were only interested in the internet. They are now enlarging those pictures on the copy machine. They have waisted so much money trying to determine the correct size for their pictures.

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