Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Medical Leave

A supervisor in my department returned to work yesterday, after 1 month of medical leave. Somehow, he now has a new work schedule that begins at noon. When the said supervisor arrived at work and saw that he was scheduled to work the reference desk for three hours, he had a fit. He called the head of the library and proclaimed that he was not supposed to work the reference desk.

Meanwhile, this department has been stressed during his one month leave because we are also short two additional positions.

So as a result of his rant, the five of us who were here, were forced to work an extra hour on the reference desk.

Yesterday the head of our department was out sick. Today, the big boss is here and ol' boy is as quiet as a mouse.

I left work frustrated. We had behind the scenes mess, in addition to the regular drama we get from the patrons.


Organized Noise said...

Hopefully you used to holiday to relax and clear up that frustration. Hope today was better.

Nexgrl said...

Organized Noise,

I did relax on the 4th. This coming will be the test for all staff in my department. They have scheduled a DSL upgrade. Only 4 staff members will have access to their desktops. About 30 of us are expected to share these computers for the next two weeks. On top of that, one half of the computers available to the public on my floor will not be available as a result of said upgrades.