Thursday, July 26, 2007

My July end notes for this week

Today will mark the second loss for my department. Two weeks ago one of the four supervisors retired. Today, the supervisor who just came back from Medical Leave is retiring. No announcement, no group e-mail, no cake, cookies, or juice. I don't even think he will get a formal goodbye.

On to my reference desk story.

I caught the usual juvenile suspects trying to hack into the system via the online catalog and database terminals.

Next up

Ghetto Love, they parked themselves at the online catalog next to the reference desk. I wouldn't have noticed, but they began fighting over some red juice. I informed them that the drink wasn't allowed in the library.

Ol' chicky decided that she wanted to get smart. "I'm pregnant, so I need this and proceeds to pop the top and chug."

My reply whispered in her ear because I didn't want to put her on blast, " Then you need to go to the lower level to the restaurant and have that drink!"

Not fifteen minutes later.

I hear Ghetto Love arguing with an anglo patron who had asked them to lower their voices. They went on and on, telling him where and how he could stick it. I sensed that he was heading to the reference desk to request back-up because they were LOUD.

I called security. Why is it that they came two deep. When we really need security because things are looking dangerous, they send one lone ragged guard.

Security's response, " They are on the catalogs and they are arguing????" I relayed the incident to them. They spoke to Ghetto Love, who returned to their post at the catalog afterward. Soon afterward, the anglo departed.

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