Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I can't undestand this.....just why

Walking toward the entrance to the building this morning, I noticed one of the security guards posted near a tree. He was on his cell phone, he is always talking on his cell phone. Whenever I was past him and hear bits of the conversation, it seems as if it's an intimate conversation.

Now over the past month, I learned that his main squeeze works on my floor. I always wondered why he came up here to sit with her every morning. So get this, they live together, they work in the same building. The talking on the telephone constantly all day. He whispers, she talks loud enough for you to hear exactly what she is saying when walking past the aisle where she sits.

The is the same woman who stinks. Whenever I make the mistake of entering the bathroom after her, my first thought always is, "she should incorporate more water into her diet."

Back to what I can't understand......What is so important that you have to talk throughout the day on the telephone......Each and every break is spent together.

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