Monday, July 14, 2008

Last Thursday.......

Two men were speaking loudly, I approached them and asked that they lower their voices. This knee grow waved me off and told me that he was speaking in a low voice( I give folks 2 times to act up before I call security.)

I walked back to the reference desk and called for security to send someone to walk the floor. Meanwhile, the two men kept talking loudly. I finally saw a security guard on the floor and I approached the men again.

This time, dude who was speaking the loudest said, "THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE ANY POWER!" My response, "I guess you must really want to leave the building!" Dude then turns to me and says, "I AM LEAVING!!!"

I walked to the end of the table where they were sitting and waited for dude to leave. This knee grow walked pass me as close as he could without touching me and said while looking at my badge, "YOU DON'T EVEN WORK HERE!"

At that point, the security guard begain walking towards me. All I did was point to the individual who had been giving me problems.

The guard returned to the floor 5 minutes later to inform me that it was the same guy that he had told to lower his voice when he entered the building. They had words, and the guard ended up telling him, "If I have to tell you to lower your voice again, YOU WILL BE LEAVING THE BUILDING FOR THE DAY!" He said that when he entered the elevator, he asked dude what happpened. He said that dude told him, "She said that I was talking too loud." The guard said that he then told him, "You probably were, so you know that you have to leave." The guard then escorted him out of the building.

The patron's friend, who was sitting across from him during the entire time, then approached the desk and said, "I'm looking for my friend, did you see where he went?"

I told him that his friend had to leave the building. He proceeded to walk the floor, "looking for his friend."


Jazzy said...

wow...that could have really turned into something even uglier. Like dude walking all extra close to threaten you are something.

Hopefully you mean mugged and side eye'd enough to let dude know that you are NOT the one!

Nexgrl said...

O.Diva--Yes, I gave him the side-eye twice. I also looked at him like the crazy person that he is right after. He was really testing all of us because the guard was not too far from me, but walking on the opposite side of the floor. The guard just happened to turn aroung as dude was walking toward the elevators.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Aunt Jackie said you were witty! Who knew librians had tales! I love it!

Nexgrl said...

Thank you so much. Yeah, we have our moments. It really and truly is our patrons most of the time.