Thursday, July 03, 2008

When Librarians meet...

Last weekend, I attended the annual librarian's convention. It was held in Southern California and one of my friends invited me to meet her there and share her room.

The running joke all weekend was how easy it was to spot the librarians. Even if they weren't carrying the bright orange bag that was given to us upon registration.

The bulk of the women dress as if they shop from the Chic*s catalog. The ones who try to dress up, look like they have added granny pumps to a Dres* Bar* special edition suit. Let's not forget to include the younger librarians who think they can now be a part of the cool kids club. You might see a lot of tats, there may even be a few sleeves sprinkled in here and there. Amongst them will be those dressed in goth attire, skater gear, or the left over grunge look.

Where do I fit in, fortunately for me, none of the above. Upon inspection at the convention, I no longer get upset when a patron approaches me at the reference desk and asks me if I am a reference librarian.

I even met a woman this past weekend who said, " I am thankfuly that you don't resemble what is considered the norm for a librarian."


Rashan Jamal said...

So you told us where you don't fit, but where do you fit?

Don't front.. you know you are tatted up, with the nose ring and the green hair. I know how you do. LOL

Nexgrl said...

Okay Rashan, if you must know, I don't fit the mold at all. My usual attire at work in the spring/summer is t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes, there is always a desinger handbag and sunglasses to make the look my own. On those rare warm days, I break out the summer dresses/skirts and designer sandals. I've gotten comments that my winter attire is too dressy for work. Sorry to say, no tats, no nose ring. My hair is a deep red. I am currently rocking the curly afro.