Sunday, July 06, 2008

I was dismissed by a patron today!

A elderly patron sat down at an internet computer near the reference desk. I kept hearring sh*t, followed by mumbling.
Finally, after 10 minutes of cursing and mumbling at the terminal; the man came to the desk and told me that he wanted another computer.
I asked him what was wrong? He told me that the compuer just wouldn't act right. He said that the internet window wouldn't open.
I went to his terminal and saw that the internet was working just fine. He had reduced the size of the window and opened the sidebar search option. I closed the sidebar, and enlarged the window.
I asked him where he was trying to go,and he told me his e-mail.
I was finally able to get the e-mail provider information out of him.
I typed the ya*oo in the bowser. I was trying to wait and make sure that the page loaded, but.....The old geezer sat down in front of the terminal and told me....."OKAY, YOU CAN GO NOW!!!"


Doret said...

Well isn't he a sweet old bastard.
So Nexgrl what's going on with the lice?

Nexgrl said...

Yeah, I thought something similar.

Management sent an e-mail telling us that the lice acutally orginated on the 5th floor. They said that there was a gap between the floor and wall on the 5th floor, it was right above the infested area on the 4th floor. They are scheduled to repair the floor/wall situation and clean all areas again.

Anonymous said...

Ha! He ain't want you in his biz-nas, lol.

Nexgrl said...

He was so old, he didn't have any business that would interest me.