Monday, November 15, 2010

I've been watching you all day and..........

You haven't done any work all day.

That's what a patron said to me after she dropped a stack of books and her library card in front of me at the reference desk. I told her that if she wanted to checkout her books, she would have to do so at the self checkout or with a clerk on the 1st floor. That's when she told me that whole mess about watching me. If she really had been watching me, she would have seen that I had just returned to the reference desk. I had just shown a patron how to use the self checkout machine.

I was so tired of kooky people yesterday, I didn't even argue. I said, "I'm sorry that's not something that is done at the reference desk.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

WOW! People are crazy! It's been that type of week of folks saying whack ish to people. I have to check somebody TODAY about some ish that was said to me yesterday... Wow I felt better as soon as I wrote that I'm checking her! Yep it's going DOWN!

Nexgrl said...

Most times, I try to correct patrons in a polit manner. There are days when I have to be rude in the manner in which I respond to patrons. My co-worker tells me that I'm mean and I talk down to people.

Good luck with checking the person. Some folks need it, so they know not to repeat the wrong/bad actions.