Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Not one of those days, one of those weeks

There's a woman who visits our floor occasionally. If anyone corrects her or asks her to move, she's writing a complaint form about their behavior. I've been the victim of her rant before. She fills the complaint form from top to bottom, on both sides. There is so much writing that you'll give yourself a headache trying to read it.

Sunday, another regular came to the reference desk and complained that he had booked a computer and she was sitting at it. Since this has happened numerous times with this woman, I asked her if she had booked that computer in advance. She said yes, so I told her that I would check the other patron's library card. I checked his library card and he had written down the wrong information. His computer for that time slot was on another floor.

I went on to help someone else. While on my way back to the reference desk, I noticed the woman sitting at the laptop table. She rolled her eyes at me(which is normal behavior if she is complaining about you,) as I walked past her.

Yesterday, I noticed her complaint form about me at the reference desk. It hadn't been turned in yet, so I don't know if management has stopped submitting her complaints.


I had to have security escort a drunk man out of the library.

As he walked toward the computers, I noticed that he was swaying. When he decided on a computer; as he made an attempt to sit in the chair, he fell. He stayed on the floor for a minute and another patron helped him into the chair(I was calling security to escort him out.)

When security arrived, they smelled his water bottle. They then asked him if he had been drinking. He said, wait for it..............."YEP, ALL DAY, EXCEPT WHILE IN THE LIBRARY!"


One of my co-workers who is on a scheduled vacation, called in sick. One of the floor supervisors who is also on a scheduled vacation was today's Reference Desk rotation.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Oh my goodness! That complainer lady would get on my last nerves. Really! lady really? If she has so much to complain about WHY does she keep coming back?

Well Mr. drunk dude was being honest he repects the library. LOLOLOLOL!

WOW! she on vacation and called in?? Dang!

Sha Boogie said...

People that make ridiculous complaints make me laugh! They are so self righteous, LOL. Like, how about you complain about something a rude server or not someone actually doing their job, oy vey!

Nexgrl said...

@GorgeousPuddin I ask myself everytime I see that woman, why she keeps returning. She could at least try another floor.

I laughed so hard when that man said ALL DAY. They know public intoxication isn't allowed and they come to the library anyway. He had a cloud around him that smelled of old tobacco and alcohol. It was still at the computer after he left.

It wasn't her this time, she just plain called in sick. It was the young male librarian who had taken a few vacation days and then gave them back. He just got confussed about which days he gave back. He told us that he wasn't going on vacation, but he obviously did. He was off Wednesday-Sunday and called in sick Monday and Tuesday. He gave back Monday as a vacation day and kept Tuesday.

@Sha Boogie
Where you been Sha? I'm so glad that you ventured back into the blogosphere. I put people like her in a file, it's called "You are going to need me, before I need you!" When they approach me with a question, I walk away or give them a blank stare.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! at least dude knew not to drink in the library!