Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Teenagers, MAN!!!!!!

This morning, a call was transfered. I was given the call number and the title of the book the patron wanted by the librarian who transfered the call.

I told the patron that I had to look for the book and asked that he hold on.

I returned with the book in hand. I asked the patron if he wantedto pick the book up here or have it sent to one of the branches. The boy says, " I don't want to pick it up until the 28th."

I asked him, " Do you mean August 28th?" The boy, "Yes, I don't want to pick the book up until August 28th. I told the boy, " You can pick the book up here today, or have it sent to one of the branches, but we will not hold it here until August 28th for you." The little *** hung up in my face.

Last night my Mom commented, "Doesn't school start soon? I mean, isn't this the month when they go back to school?" Those are my sentiments exactly after a call like this mornings.

***The book he wanted is on the reading list for many high schools*****
"White Fang" by Jack London

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