Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It must be magic in the number 6!

Today, I heard two of my co-workers discussing the things they have seen while in the staff break room on the 6th floor.

a) An elderly anglo couple having sex.

b) A young couple near the point of......

I commented on Miss Ahmad's blog not two weeks ago that the 6th floor men's restroom was the spot at Georgia State Library. Well, they are not in the confides of a restroom here because there aren't any public restrooms on the 6th floor. Each couple has been in clear view of the staff break room and terrace.

At least when I worked down the street at the Department of Human Services Bldg., they saved it for the alley behind the building. They would be in clear view of all staff who had access to the windows facing the alley.


That Girl Tam said...

Yo...P had me go read this blog...you HAVE to check it out!! HOT SHIT!!


Hyps said...

lol - funny (because I didn't have to see it)

Nexgrl said...

@Tam I went to Carrie Bradshaw's site. I was not impressed. I guess living in this city has jaded me. I have seen and heard a lot of things.


Everytime I hear about people being caught in the library doing various acts, or if I catch them myself, I just shake my head. What else can you do?

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

girl living in the city will change you. having worked in union square for years and years i think i've seen just about every thing..but old folks having a nooner.

that's what's so strange about LA people don't really come in close contact with others so they're easily shocked when they see something.

Nexgrl said...

@Miss Ahmad, I thought I would have less contact with these folks in the library..... At least I am only subject to this mess 3-4 hours out of the day. Lucky me, I am at my desk the rest of the time.

If I venture out for lunch, I sometimes see these fools on the street. They have the nerve to speak. I look at them like---We ain't friends, don't speak to me!