Monday, October 30, 2006

All up in my FACE, I hate that!!!!

This afternoon, a patron approached me at the desk to inquire about the computer time guidelines.

He was leaning over the desk all in my face. I saw what used to be his entire grill! There
was one thin pointy tooth in the front. Nothing but black space surrounding it. The bottom
of what used to be a row had some enamel points spaced here and maybe there(2-3.)
And......more BLACK SPACE, there were even craters. I was so digusted. He just kept
asking me more and more questions and leaning further over the desktop. It got to the
point where I was leaning backward in my seat. I was hoping the look of disgust was not
plastered on my face.

He finally understood and walked away. I had to explain the proceedures four times. At the end of each of the first three explainations, he would say, "I don't understand? Why is that policy in place?" I realize that he may have held hope that my explaination may have changed during one of those times, but it didn't. Policy is policy. I don't make the rules, I just explain them all day long.

****He was dressed in gothic attire, black leather trench coat and all********

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Anonymous said...

Each time I've come by your blog for the past six months at least, I find your posts to be so interesting, but then there was always something bothering me about it that I just could not put my finger on. Today, as I squinted to read the italicized turquoise, it came to me. It's soooooo hard to read!! Even if the font wasn't too small, the spectrum of changing colors on the black background just work against my po' lil' aging eyes because I could not even focus on the bolded italicized paragraph to read it at all. You probably don't write for other people anyway and I'm sure my little opinion doesn't matter, but I just want to say this is a great blog except for the fonts!!