Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Say WHAT?????

How is it that you think you can curse me out because the free internet access isn't working as fast as you think it should?

This man called me over to help him because the terminal he was at wouldn't shut down. He didn't take into consideration that he had four different windows open and he wanted the computer to shut down immediately.

I turned the hard drive off and tried to explain to the man that he wouldn't be completely logged off that terminal until it had reboted. He started yelling," THAT'S SOME BULL SH*T" along with some other stuff that I tuned out. Finally, I said, " You know what, it is what it is and you can take it however you want." I then walked away while he was still talking.

These people never cease to amaze. How is it that you can complain about something that is made available to you at no cost whatsoever?

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