Sunday, October 22, 2006

And you said it with a straight face

The trend has not been broken. One of the many Shems approached me at the reference desk.

Shem: "I tried to book a computer but when I selected Main Library, the screen just went back to the home page. I need help with words, I mean I am illiterate. I mean, I can read and write, but I am a little dyslexic, but I can use the internet just fine. I just need you to write a few words down for me."

Transgender Resource

I took the Shem's library card and attempted to book internet time. When I asked what was needed, the response was, " I need the first available timeslot."

Well, the first available timeslot was the next hour. The Shem determined that would be too long of a wait. Razor shaved eyebrows, man's longsleeve sweater, woman's tight pencil skirt, socks and tennis shoes.


A patron walking past a stink zone while holding his nose closed. MAN, HOW I HAVE WANTED TO DO THE EXACT SAME THING MANY A DAY, TIME, HOUR, BUT I didn't want to offend anyone by my actions.


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

that sounds like a rugged Shem, and isn't it kinda dangerous to be an illiterate Shem?

Whew and I thought the crazies in TV were bad!

Nexgrl said...

Miss Ahmad,

Rugged is only half of the description. My eyes hurt after looking at some of them. You would think that of all people, a Shem would look into the adult literacy program offered for free here. All the medication and surgeries, they need to understand the legal documents they are signing.