Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wrong foot, Wrong statement, wrong time of day

5:25 p.m., I get off at 6:00 p.m. A young African American man approached me at the desk.

I ask, " Can I help you?"

He says, "I want to test your knowledge."

I am tired and I really didn't feel like playing games, so I told him so. He says:

"I guess it is gonna take a white man to answer my question." THAT WAS THE WRONG STATEMENT!!!!!!!

I said, " I suggest you go find one who will answer the question for you because I AM NOT IN THE MOOD TO PLAY GAMES!!!!!!!"

He says, " Oh, okay, take the I want to test your knowledge out of the question."

He wanted a continent or nation without a governing body. I gave him two possible books for him to find the answer. He didn't look too happy to discover that I wasn't just going to look up the answer for him.

***It sounded like a trivia question that instructors throw out for extra credit.**** I stopped giving out answers after my first semester as a Reference librarian at the community college.

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