Sunday, January 27, 2008

Patron humor

She may have not meant the statement to be funny, but I found it extremely funny.

Two patrons were standing at the bank of elevators, waiting for one of them to open up.

The woman says to the man, "I know who you are, you are the one who laughs at me everytime
that you see me!!!!" He didn't respond, he just walked toward the

I was sitting at the reference desk and burst into laughter. My co-worker asked me what happened. I explained the scenario to her and she said, "Oh, I know exactly who you are talking
about and proceeded to describe the lady to a t."

What is funny is that both the man and the woman are strange. She walks the floor the whole time that she is here, talking/mumbling to herself. She is short, round, and always slightly hunched over. He is about 5'7", and rail thin. He also walks the floor talking/mumbling to himself whenever he is here. They both use the internet and constantly yell at the computer monitor. I thought neither one of them should have anything to say about the other.


Jazzy said...

lol...oh yeah...they want each other bad!

Just you wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Wow, yeah I too see something developing in their future. Thats hilarious.

Nexgrl said...

@O.Diva and b.good
It's possible, they are both here EVERYday.