Sunday, February 03, 2008

One of the regulars got mad at me and left!

I wasn't offended, it didn't make me mad, I just laughed.

One of the regulars who never wants to leave the floor until everyone else has, kept talking loudly. At first, I thought he was talking to someone, that is until I walked toward him. He looked my way as I got closer to him and I (in typical librarian fashion,) placed my index fingers over my lips.

The patron lowered his voice, but he kept talking. I was fine with that.........until, five minutes had passed and he was back to talking loudly. I got up once again to go over to him, he saw me and got quiet. Five more minutes passed, once again, he begain to get louder and louder. My boss said, "Just call security." I told my boss not to call security, because I thought the guy would lower his voice. He turned, saw us talking, and quieted once again. Five more minutes passed and he got loud. I got up, he looked at me and I placed my fingers over my lips. This time, dude mean mugged me, turned around, picked up his belongings and left.


Rashan Jamal said...

He was talking to himself? Loudly? I know I sometimes will hold a convo with myself, but not when other people are around.

Jazzy said...

My grandmother says, talking to yourself is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you don't answer yourself back. Now technically I guess I should be ashamed, because damn if I don't ask myself questions and then answer them...but ONLY inside my head or the privacy of my own home.

Be glad dude just left...depending on what the voices were telling him it could have been worse!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ him talking loudly to himself. I can understand the two things separately, talking loudly, and talking to one's self. But together???

Thats just nuts!

Nexgrl said...

There are always quite a few on the floor who are talking to themself. The difference for him yesterday, is that he could be heard across the floor. It sounded as if he was going off on someone. Upon closer inspection, you would notice that he was the only person sitting at the table.

Believe me when I write that I completely understand why one would talk to themself. The ongoing conversation is another thing. I am also glad that he left. That meant that we would not have been waiting for him to exit the building after we closed.

Each time he got loud, I would look over there. Each time, I thought he would be arguing with another patron. My biggest fear was that someone walking past him would start an altercation.

Disco said...

WOW! How you gon be all disorderly in of ALL places ... a library and get a tude becuase you have been asked REPEATEDLY to hush that mess up????!!! DAYUM!!! I woulda mean-mugged his behind RIGHT BACK!! LOL

Nexgrl said...

I was shocked by his behavior, so I really didn't react to him. I haven't seen him since that day. Either he's not coming into the library, or he is now going to a different floor.