Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ben siting at your local libary

Monday night, I was on the reference desk for the last hour before closing. After the closing annoucement and the last patron had left the floor, I did my usual. I went to the restroom before preparing to go home.

On my way back to my desk from the restroom, who/what do I spot running from the compact book stacks to the support staff area, but non other than Ben. He was moving REAL FAST!!!

I was both shocked and surprised. I have heard the rumors, but I had never seen any proof.

After telling my co-worker yesterday, he asked, "So, did you scream?" Of course I didn't.

He went on to say that our co-workers had reported seeing quite a few since the renovations of the first floor occurred. I replied, " Gee, thanks for that visual."


Jazzy said...

You just gave me the heebie jeebies...*shuddering*

That is soooooooo disgusting!!! I DEFINITELY would have screamed...while running like a little bytch of couse! lol have been tagged!!

Nexgrl said...


Thanks so much!