Thursday, April 17, 2008

My post just for Opinionated Diva

A while back, you suggested that I use a mask when dealing with the old dusty and sometimes moldy books. Well, I have been having trouble with my asthma lately(no attacks, just tightness in the lung area.) My allergist and the nurse who is assigned to help you manage my asthma have both advised me that I must wear a mask whenever examining the books.

The last thing the nurse said was something for me to seriously consider. She said, "Maybe this isn't the best place for you to work."

As a sophomore in college, I worked as a library page. I worked at one of the older branches. The place was dusty and moldy. After about 9 months of working there, I decided to get tested for allergies. The results were that I was allergic to all grasses, dust, dust mites, all animals, and all trees. I quit that job and began working various office jobs.

I still like working in the field of libary science, but I will probably seek out something behind the scenes. It is probably time for me to stop dealing with patrons and books on a daily basis.


Rashan Jamal said...

In the last few years, I've become allergic to everything. Somehow I'm even allergic to the Subway Tuna Sub. I don't know if its the bread or the tuna or what, but the last few times I've had it, I just couldn't breathe and started itching. That stinks cuz I love them. I could eat that 5 days a week. Oh, and peanut butter. I'm newly allergic to peanuts. Sorry, this comment is longer than your post.

Nexgrl said...

You can always bite the bullet and go get tested for your allergies. Just make sure to tell them that you want to be tested for food allergies also. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Do you think that you might be allergic to whatever it is Subway uses in it's tuna salad?

Jazzy said...

Wow...with that in mind you should definitely get the mask and start looking to work behind the scenes more.

I've developed allergies myself. Thank GOD it's not any food allergies...because I love to eat. It's mostly to dust and pollen.

Nexgrl said...


I did wear my mask the next time that I had to handle the books individually.

Jazzy said...

Luv the new layout!

Nexgrl said...

Thank you O. Diva

Just Kel said...


I've come through a time or two & I enjoy your blog.

Now as for this post, I'm sorry to read about your asthma but Librarian to Librarian... Electronic resources or digitization of any sort is an excellent move. You see the wireless reading device that they tried to introduce years ago but they are hot selling now? E-resources!