Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Piss Alley

That is what I deemed one section on our floor yesterday. On one side of the reference desk, it seemed as if all of the regulars who seem to have bladder problems decided to sit real close to each other.

The only way to avoid the horrible smell was to walk all the way around the area. In lieu of that, I tried to hold my breath while I walked past.


Jazzy said...

Yuck! Just wow...I have such a look of disgust on my face right now.

Get a can of lysol.

Nexgrl said...

O. Diva,
We do have a can of lysol at the desk. Some of the librarians feel that we are offending the patrons when we spray the lysol. My argument is that those who are in need of a bath, know darn well that they STINK!!!