Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How many parents does it take to bring a teenager to a FREE SAT workshop?

The answer must be plenty. This system offers free SAT workshops to high school juniors and seniors twice yearly. It never fails, for the first session, more parents than teenagers show up. The parents were running around trying to get directions to the meeting room where the session would be held. The teens on the other hand were casually walking in circles. I finally approached the teens and told them where they needed to be.

That was Sunday. Monday was a holiday for our school district. There was a parent in here with her child, but the parent was completing the homework assignment. The child was looking on clueless.


Jazzy said...

That is just soooooo odd!!!!

I don't understand why they didn't just arrive together.

Nexgrl said...


One Mom came to the desk and after we told her where the workshop was located, she then called the father on her cell to tell him where to bring the teens.

The teens that were walking around, were the few(3) who came without parents.