Thursday, April 24, 2008

Six quirks/events of mine........I was tagged

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    1. I hate to drive/commute! I will if I have to, but I am never happy when driving long

    2. I don't (gasp) eat watermelon. When I was 10, my dad forced me to eat the equivalent of one
    very large watermelon. I ate so much that I was sick. I am reminded of that incident each
    and every time I see watermelon.

    3. My sister was pure evil to me while I was growing up (she is 7 years older.) Her payback has
    been that once her oldest daughter turned 13, she began to resemble me more and more.

    4. It irritates me when people who have jobs with generous benefit plans don't get their grills

    5. If I see someone I know and it is obvious that they don't recognize me, rest assured, I will not
    try to make them notice me. I am good for avoiding aunts/cousins in the mall, the bank, etc.

    6. About 17 years ago, I sufferred a concussion. A young man attempted to mug me outside of
    my appartment. I refussed to release my hold on my purse. Because of my resistence, I
    was drug a few feet. My neighbors at the time were nosey as all get out, but not one of them
    came to their windows that night. I got up, went inside and called 911 myself.

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