Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It has taken 10 days since they were first detected, but...........

To All Main Staff:

As part of lice cleanup, IT staff is at this moment removing computers from the tables on the fourth floor where lice were sighted.

To be prudent, IT staff will don white tyvek body suits and gloves, since they will have to work closely around the tables. I am informing you of this to avoid any concerns that the presence of staff in tyvek suits indicates a toxic spill or other chemical emergency. It does not! The body suits and gloves are simply a precaution against the possibility of a crawling bug.

Removing the computer equipment will allow our staff and Pestec, our pest control subcontractor, to really saturate the tables with disinfectant. On top of this, Pestec will steam clean the tables this evening after closing. We’ll continue monitoring the area and will let you know as soon as the problem is cleared up.

The computers and related equipment will be bagged and quarantined for a long enough period to ensure that the bugs are dead, before the equipment goes back in service.

Thank you.


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

So are you telling me that men in white space suits are coming to clean up a live problem?

Why does that sound straight out of a sci*fi movie!

Do live still avoid black people hair? And if not do they have any extra space suits?

I'm gonna put you on the prayer list girl!!

Doret said...

On top of this, Pestec will steam clean the tables this evening after closing.

I love that, it almost sounds like they're taking an extra step, even though they should be doing it anyway. Hopefully they will do all the tables.

How many computers are on the fourth floor?

So Nexgrl, what would I have to give you to use one of those four computers again?

Nexgrl said...

Yes, they said white suits. Yet, regular staff are just supposed to avoid that area. I think lice don't discriminate. I am just thankful that it hasn't happened on the floor that I work on.

There are probably about 40 internet computers and 10-12 online catalogs.
Yes, they have made a special effort to emphasis the cleaning that should be done on a weekly basis.
Nothing will get me to go to the fourth floor. I may go if there is a staff meeting in the back, but I would probably ask that the meeting be transfered to another floor. I have worked at this location for 2 years and only been to the 4th flr twice. The floor manager is a trip, so I try to stay away from her. I fear that I might slip and tell her how I really feel about her style of management.

Jazzy said...

LMAO @ Aunt Jackie!!! "white space suits" lmao

I started itching soon as I read the word "lice". need to get out of that place.

Nexgrl said...

My co-workers have said that they are having dreams of having lice in their hair. Waking up in the middlie of the night to wash their hair and all.
I am looking for a job, but I refuse to take a paycut.