Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pink Slips

That's been the topic around here since yesterday. It all started when the City Librarian forwarded a memo to the library staff that was written by the mayor.
Pink Slips will be issued to all city departments tomorrow. All classifications will be included in this mass layoff.
Supposedly, some of those laid off, will have the option of being re-hired part-time. The part-time hours aren't to exceed 37.5 hours.

Yesterday, the whinner came to my desk and asked me, "Are you worried?". I told her that there wasn't anything that I could do to prevent being laid-off, so I can't worry about that.
Later, one of the women who liked to call in sick on or after pay day, was in a tiff about the rankings list. I just let her talk. I chose not to explain that the rank is where you were on the eligibility list, when you were offered your current position.
Today, they've been standing around whining about the possible outcome tomorrow. I'm just tired of hearing them talk about the same stuff. It's 4pm and one of the main complainers just said,"Let me go get some work done."


That Girl Tam said...

I blogged...TWICE

Jazzy said...

Hopefully you were saved. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.