Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teen Center news

There are signs on the tables and computer workstations in the Teen Center. The signs say that the area is designated for teens, adults are only allowed if they are accompanied by a teen. There have been many violations of this rule, so now the signs are in 3 languages.
One of my co-workers, is adamant about enforcing the rule. A few weeks ago, she approached World Traveler(she will sit and stare at the globe for hours.). When World Traveler saw her, she said, "I know the sign says that adults must be accompanied by a teen. I'm sitting here, hoping that one of my children will stop by."

When my co-worker told me what happened, I told her, "Well, there isn't anything you can say about that one.". World Traveler's response was classic, it was like she had her response memorized.

Even now, I think about what World Traveler said and laugh.


Judaye said...

I totally sympathize with the adults drawn to the teenage display. If I were there you would probably have to shoo me away too. I love globes and maps and would love to travel. If only I had the money, but I can dream...

One time the guy that does Elmo from Sesame Street came to the area, and I noticed that most of the people who came to see him were adults, which included me. I guess a part of us will always be young.

Rashan Jamal said...

that's so sad... or am I just being a big softy?

Nexgrl said...

I believe the real draw to the Teen Center is that it gets the most sunlight. It's quite toasty over there. They are often laying on the carpet under the windows.

You.....are far from a softy. I thought her response was funny because, what could you possibly say to that. We usually hear, I didn't see the sign, or I don't read English. Because of the later response, the signs now say the same thing in three languages.