Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pissed off to the highest pisstivity!!!!!

Last hour on the reference desk, last 10 minutes. Why did I answer the telephone?

Bruh Man on a cell phone outside somewhere with someone giving him the words( yeah, I heard all of that.)

1st question: " Which president fought in the French/Indian War before he was president?"

My colleague and I conducted the search (trying to end the call as soon as possible because our time was almost up.) The answer we came up with is George Washington.

I retrieve the telephone and tell this fool: "George Washington fought in the scuffle that became known as the prelude to the French/Indian War"

Bruh Man says: "Negative." This angers me, because I felt as if it was a game and he had decided to call the library and just mess with someboday and I happened to be the one who
answered the telephone. I asked him, " Well, who is it then?" He told me he didn't know and proceeded to:

Bruh Man then asks: "Can you look something else up for me?"

I said, "No, you need to come into the library and conduct your own search!"

He says," You can just Google the question? I want to know who said Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes."

Finally, I look it up after debating with him on his need to come into the library and look these things up himself.

Wikipedia says it has never been determined who made the statement, there is a debate between it being Colonel William Prescott or General Israel Putnam.

*update***I have conducted further research for this post and found that it has been deemed that Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Andrew Agnew made the statement on June 27, 1743.

The fool tells me that is not who it could have been and I need to search further. I told him, " No, you need to come in here and do the search!" He then tells me that he is in another state and not able to do that. I told him that he was outside and calling from a 415 area code, so if he was out of state, he was on a cell phone. Me not thinking, the prefix was a ghettro cell and you know he wouldn't have been able to call from another state on that. You can barely call from another county.

The fool asked me how I new he was calling from a 415 number. I told him that I had caller-id. He then said, " I can come in and you can help me!" I said, " No, because I probably won't be here by the time you get here." He asked me what my name is. I told him that I wasn't giving him my name. He then asked me where I work. I asked the fool, " Where did you call?" We went back and forth, until I finally gave him the address of the library. He said, "Well, I want to know where you are!" I gave him the address of the library again and hung up in his face.

By this time my supervisor had come to the desk and he said, " Breath!" I told him that dude might call back because I hung up in his face.


Nexgrl said...

sweet beets, he seemed to be truly full of himself, that's why I hung up in his face.

Thank you for visiting.

Hyps said...

Where do you work? lmao - I don't envy you at all!

Nexgrl said...

@hypothetically speaking, I work at the main branch of a public library in the Bay Area. I try not to list the specific name of the systemn because some of the things I have discussed in the past could get me written up or suspended. I think that I have worked in the system too long to get fired immediately. If you read previous posts, I think you'd figure out exactly where I work.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

I think you are gonna inspire me to visit my local library. When I livedin the upscale beach community I inhabited for three years the library was a place for nannies and stay at home moms to take kids....I used to go there allot cuz you could rent 7 videos at a time for free and when you're unemployed that's the bomb...

i think next time I'll try a more urban local.

Nexgrl said...

Miss Ahmad,
The nannies and stay at home moms are here also. The children's room occupies one half of the second floor. You can still check out up to 6 DVDs/VHS for seven days.

I think the downtown LA branch would give you the perfect idea of what I see each day.