Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why I gotta always be the bad one?

This morning I had to have a couple removed from the library. They were eating and drinking while watching DVD/Music Videos on their laptop and portable DVD player. I suspected it, but had no proof...........UNTIL........I heard the click.......fizzzzz.......from a can of soda being opened.

I did the "LINDA BLAIR " head turn. They hid that mess real quick. I told my co-worker what was going down. I called security and said, "There is a couple watching DVD/Videos, eating and drinking. I am going to speak with them, but I want reinforcement from security." Said couple had been caught yesterday and nothing was done.

I go over there and say," There is no eating and or drinking in the library and you can't tell me that you weren't doing either because I heard you." Magilla Gorilla (the chick) had the nerve to say something smart under her breath. I said, "Excuse me?" She said, " I know you heard because you were looking out for us!" Minnie Me(her man) said, " Anyway, it's gone now!" I looked at them hard, rolled my eyes and walked away.

On beat, security approached the desk and asked me what the problem was and who the culprits were. I simply pointed because they were scrambling to gather all the junk they had stashed under the table. The female officer said, "Didn't they get in trouble yesterday?" I told her that they did. She then said, " They gon' have to go?"

This is the same couple who the librarian suspect are stealing the DVD's people have on hold and burning/watching them. There are here all day almost every day. They skip the "first of the month." I had to explain to my co-workers what that meant. When I explained that they probably receive SSI benefits, my co-workers said," On yeah, that makes sense now."

This is my whole problem with eating and drinking in the library.

1. It you are going to do it, be slick about yours. Don't sit where the librarians can not only
see, but hear everything that you are doing.

2. If you have been caught once, move to a different area and or floor. You know the librarians will be looking out for you.

3. The regulars who visit the floor I work on, have seen me kick people out of the building, off the floor, etc.
For: computer hacking, talking loudly, whether on a cell phone or not. I do warn two times.
I always say, " If I have to come over here a third time, you are leaving!"


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

ooh only in the bay would folks be trying to bootleg and have private screenings in the library.

if you have a laptop and a dvd and a man, go home and have some fun!!

gone are the days of my youth spent reading books for tickets to the A's Game:-)

Nexgrl said...

Miss Ahmad,

My sentiments exactly. I suspect that they must live in one of the TL hotels.

The summer reading program just ended for the teens and the party is tomorrow(they are raffling an ipod.) See how things change!