Monday, July 31, 2006

If you don't know, don't tell others

This happened yesterday at work and I should have posted it yesterday, but I was in shock. Let me give some background information.

There are six floors in this building, with at least two reference desks on each floor. 1-2 two librarians are stationed at each reference desk. On the first floor, there is an information desk with two librarians. They direct patrons on where they should go to find whatever information they may need. They also answer all telephone calls, they are supposed to gather as much information from the caller as possible and transfer the call to the proper floor and or librarian.

Yesterday, we receive a call at the General Collections and Humanities Reference Desk from the librarians at the first floor Information Desk. The librarians want to know the difference between the USB computers and the computers that have USB and Floppy Drives(These are the choices patrons have when signing up for computers.) This option has been in place since April of this year. One of the librarians boasted that he has worked here for 10 years and he doesn't know.

They were so confusing that myco-worker was stumped. She put them on hold and asked me. I explained the difference and told her that I was amazed that the would admit to not knowing the answer. The answer to their question can be found on the library home page.

The USB computers have the wiring for patrons to use thier own flash drives, or our external Floppy Drive. The USB and Floppy Drive computers offer the option of using a flash drive or a floppy disk because hardrive has the floppy drive.

These people have a Masters Degree in Library Sciende just like I do. I often wonder how they were able to obtain the degree because the program is no joke.


The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

don't that just bother you....i'm reading this like...why don't they look it up....ya'll work in the library...that's funny...

Nexgrl said...

It does bother me and lucky for them, I didn't answer the telephone. We work in the library and these fools sit in front of a computer just like I do.