Thursday, July 27, 2006

It started early this morning!!!!

10:00 a.m. Two of the tween hackers who like to frequent this floor are here and wreck
havok. My boss reports that a computer terminal's monitor isn't working.
It was the computer directly behind the two hackers.

10:05 a.m. An elderly gentleman approaches the desk and ask that I show him how to reserve a
internet computer. I was so proud of him, he had his floppy disk in hand and he was
ready to go. He also asks me to show him how to insert the floppy disk into the
While I am explaining the process to him, another man approaches who is just gone.
He states, "The stocks must be transfered to Austraila. The interest rates in
Austraila are 12%. I repeat what he has just said to make sure that I am clear.
He then tells me that he thinks the interest rates in Austraila are 6%. I tell him
that I don't know, but the business department is upstairs on the 4th floor and he
can find out. He finally walks away.
The elderly gentleman then asks me what steps he must go through when he wants
to print what he has typed. This man looked to be in his seventies and he was trying
harder than people more than half his age( he smelled like a bucket of pee, but he was

10:25 a.m. Another man approaches the desk and tells me that his pin number isn't working
because he doesn't have his cell phone with him. I was confussed, so I asked him
to repeat himself. I tried to explain to him that his cell phone had nothing to do with
whether or not he was typing in the correct pin number. He didn't seem to
understand the words coming out of my mouth. I finally gave up, asked him for his
library card and changed his pin number to the one he kept repeating.


tia said...

LOL See, that's why my sisters and I cannot work with the general public. My patience is too short (and they have bad 'tudes)! (LOL at pot calling the kettles black)

Nexgrl said...

Before this, I worked for the Department of Human Services as a Food Stamp Eligibility Worker. This gig is a step up, I make more money and I don't have to know anyone's personal information. Sometimes they still have tendancies to share TMI.