Monday, July 03, 2006

One eyed Jack!!

Yesterday afternoon, a man approached the desk and asked what section the religion books were shelved. I told him the 200's and pointed him in that direction. He returned to the desk five minutes later and told me he couldn't find the books. He asked if I would show him exactly where the books were shelved.

As I began walking in the same direction in which I had directed him earlier, he had the nerve to say as he was walking behind me, "What's wrong you don't want to do your job?" I didn't even respond because I knew that I didn't have anything nice to say. As I walked down the aisle where the books are shelved, I scratched my head(I need to wash it.) As I did this, he stated, "Oh, maybe you can't do your job!" Since there are rows of bibles, I stopped walking and turned to ask him which version he preferred. I didn't get a chance. He turned and looked at the books in front of us and proclaimed, "Oh, you knew just were the books were and you led me right to them." This was all said as I was walking away. I turned, looked at him and said "Uh huh!" He said something smart about me as I walked away. He and all of the other men who happened to be in the area got a good laugh on my expense.

"One-eyed Jack" returned to the desk again. This time, a half hour had passed since he first appeared at the desk. He approached me and said, "I just want to thank you for showing me where the books were." I said,"Un huh, after you talked about me bad" He said, "Oh, I appologize, I didn't mean it." I gave him a smirk and told him that I bet he would be doing it again.

HE HAD THE NERVE TO HAVE ONE OF THE STOLEN MAGNIFYING GLASSES IN HIS POSSESSION. I will remember his face from now on and I will have something for him when I see him agian!

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