Sunday, July 02, 2006

Some days I wonder about people!!!!!

For my first hour on the desk, I was paired with the librarian who loves to talk about me the most. 10 minutes into the hour, she has the nerve to ask me to handle a parton for her. It was a teenager who wanted to sign up for the Teen Summer Reading Program. She says to me, " I don't know anything about the program, can you do it for me?" You know I didn't answer her. I kept helping the patron that I was helping when the teenager approached the desk.

Now the Teen Libraraian has been very good about leaving instructions for the other librarians regarding the sign-up process for the Summer Reading Program and prize distribution.

Mis Mouth goes to the drawer with all of the essentials for the Teen SRC program and gets a registration card for the girl. I guess she thought I would do the rest(NOT.) As I walk past her, she asks, "What do I do now?" I tell her the other items that she must give the patron. She then asks me where she can get them. I tell her that they are in the drawer with the huge sign that says Teen Summer Reading Program." I was amazed. She had the nerve to actually think that I would just take over for her. The is the woman who talks about me each and every chance that she gets.


This past Thursday, I see my boss and his boss(the floor manager,) along with the Library Technical Assistant for the floor walk past my cubicle. I didn't think anything of it until the second time that I saw them. I passed the trio as I was on my way back to my cubicle. My boss says to me," Big Boss(manager) has something planned for you." My response was, "Oh No!" My boss says, " Don't worry, it's something good." My response was, "Since you put it like that, I know that it is something to worry about."

After returning to my cubicle, I had been at my desk two minutes when the Big Boss leans on the wall of my cubile. He sartled me because 1) I didn't hear him approach my desk and 2) He was in my face when I turned. He says to me," There are a lot of books in storage that aren't in the online catalog. They are very old books and guess what? Most of the books are in your subject field. The Library Tech will be bringing the books to your cubicle for review one truck load at a time. We should go over the books together on the first truck." I have to determine if the books will remain in the collection and where the should be housed.

They were conspiring behind my back! Unlike all of the other librarians on this floor, who have been here 10, 20, 30+ years, I like a clean cubicle and an uncluttered desk. When I receive books that need my attention, I get on it right away. I like to have the books on the way to the next destination within two days. The other folks here have stacks piled so high in and around their cubicles, you can't even see them. I realize that this tactic serves three purposes, 1) You can't tell what they are doing or if they are at their desk, 2) They always looks busy, 3) Because it seems as if they have so much work to do, you will be reluctant to add to the pile. The bonus is that since things seem to get lost on their desk, so you are reluctant to place anything you may need at a later date on their desk.

For me, a clean desk also means tha t if and when I decide to move on, I will have less stuff to lug home and less work to clear from my desk. Yes, I am already comtemplating my next move after two months. I cannot be a Librarian I for the rest of my career!!

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