Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm baaaack!

I took a few days off. I try not to work on my birthday, if I don't have to. I came to work yesterday, only to discover that I was not on the schedule. My boss had scheduled me for another day of vacation. I happily packed up my stuff and went home. My co-worker tried to convince me to let her have the day off instead. NOT!!!!!

My second hour on the desk. Computer troubles, oh my. A male and female start to argue LOUDLY. The man was trying to hog the computer that someone else had reserved. I go over and calmly tell the man that he can't do that, he must wait until 7 minutes after the hour and if the computer is free, he can log on.

He yells at me, telling me that if he does that then there won't be any computers available. He then storms off, yelling that he's going downstairs to file a complaint. He was yelling as he
walked away, talking about he was going to report what STUPID BYTCHES weren't allowing him to do up here. The floor manager had just left the floor. He always seems to miss the major drama.

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