Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Companion" pets in the library

There was a time when the only pets allowed in the library were "Seeing Eye Dogs." A new day has come. Anyone can claim that their animal is a "companion pet" and they are allowed cart blanche in the library.

Today gave us a reason why the old rule should apply, that rule, and that rule only. I was on the reference desk from 2-3:00 p.m. I hadn't been on the desk for 5 minutes when a patron approached the desk to tell me that there was dog poop on the floor. It was in the middle of the first aisle where the internet access computers are. But of course, it had already been stepped in and was working it's way toward leaving a few permanent stains in the carpet.

I called the custodial department. No answer, only voicemail. I didn't leave a message, because this was urgent. It was stinking in my area! I called building security and asked them to page the custodial supervisor to alert him of the problem. I also submitted a requisition form via e-mail for the clean-up( They now require a req. form before they respond to a telephone call.)

That was 2:05 p.m. at 2:30 p.m., no one had shown up, nor had we received a call acknowledging the request. I telephoned the custodial department again. Once again, there wasn't an answer, but I left a message this time. 2:50 p.m. rolls around and still no response from anyone regarding the dog poop on the 3rd floor. This time my co-worker called security and she stated, "If no one comes by 3:00 p.m., I will inform the floor manager and leave it up to him to handle it." STILL NO ONE CALLED OR CAME BY!!!!

When I went on my break at about 3:07 p.m., a custodian was finally exiting the staff elevator. ALL SHE HAD WAS PLASTIC GLOVES, NO BUCKET OF WATER, NO PLASTIC BAG, NO PAPER TOWELS, NO WET/DRY VACUUM!

I was on the reference desk again at 5:00 p.m. and they had finally cleaned up the poop! City and County Employees are no joke, they work on their time and their time only.

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