Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cubicles, oh how I hate them

I have been at this new location for two months now. The staff area has cubicles. People forget that they aren't at home when having private telephone conversations. These are professional people who are allowing their fellow co-workers to be a part of their drama.

1. Loudest of all has been sued for plagiarism and has until the end of this month to appeal. He
does realize his errors and for extremely private calls, he uses the department head's office.
(He closes the door, but you can still hear his as you walk by.) He sits two aisles away.

2. Next up. The woman who has gone through an ugly dissolving of a romatic relationship.
They finally sold the home they shared. There is now the problem of amicably parting ways
and possessions. They have enlisted a third party to act as a mediator. HOW DO I KNOW
????? I currently hear her conversation with the mediator regarding last nights incident.
I am sorry, I don't care to know anything about the personal lives of my co-workers. She sits
in the aisle next to my area.

3. The woman who sits behind me sounds as if she is trying to get the attention of someone who
is three blocks away when she is on the telephone. When her friend comes down to visit her,
if I am at my desk, I must go elsewhere.

4. The woman who sits in the cubicle on the other side of mine. I believe that she has finally
gotten the message. She rarely holds conversations when I am at my desk. This is also the
one who was talking about me to another co-worker as I sat a my desk.

5. The woman who sits behind woman #4. Not only are her conversations loud. She adds her
two cents to everyone else's conversations. She is calling her girlfriend all day long to check
on her and profess her love for her. Something must be wrong with me because I have
always hated corny sappy people/couples.

After two months, it is still hard for me to get adjusted to these LOUD conversations that surround me.

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