Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I must have offended someone in another life

There are two librarians sitting at the reference desk. Each patron that has approached me so far this hour, has bypassed the other librarian. She is not busy. There isn't a patron in front of her. She is simply surffing the internet. She isn't even working on a project.

The first guy says that he has a free Greyhound ticket for travel around the United States this month. He asked if copies of United States maps were given away at the reference desk. I told him no, but there are Rand McNally Road Atlases laying on the counter beside me. He glanced at the atlases and moved on.

Right after him, another patron approached me. This patron was actually waiting for the previous patron to finish his questioning. The second patron reaked of alcohol so bad, that if I lit a match we would all go up in flames. HIS REFERENCE QUESTION THREW ME FOR A HUGE LOOP!!!!

" I would like some books on alcholism. I would like to research alcoholism." It seemed to me that the patron had conducted all the research he needed first hand. I gave him three titles to search for.

He returned to the desk and told me that he wanted to check out the book he had in hand. I first, checked the status of the book to make sure that it wasn't a reference book. I then told the patron that he would have to check the book out downstairs. I had to repeat myself two times because he acted as if he didn't understand. THIS WAS MY PROBLEM WITH THAT REQUEST.
1. You can't check out books at this or any other reference desk in this building.
2. Once again, he bypassed my co-worker who is not doing ANYTHING AT ALL!

The first patron came back two more times, telling me about Yosemite and asking about some national monument in Wyoming. He had the Wyoming travel book in his hand, yet he continued to ask me about Devils Tower. All I wanted to say was, "DO I LOOK LIKE I WOULD TRAVEL TO WYOMING JUST FOR FUN?????"
It isn't even 11:00 a.m. and I am already fed up for the day. Hopefully, it will only get better

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