Sunday, June 11, 2006

Let's talk about people left in the 1980's

Why does it have to be. This post is a reflection of what happened Thursday morning June 8, 2006. I will say it again, why, oh why must we have those who remain in decades past? I was trying to help a brotha out with his attempt at internet access. Now you know he took it as me digging on him, NOT!!! After helping him for the second time, he asked me my name. I in turn, asked him why he needed to know it. He then asked if that was something we weren't allowed to do. To save his face and to reduce the amount of time I had to talk to him, I simply said yes. He went on to tell me that his name is "D." That was something he didn't need to share because he had a big fat gold "D" medallion hanging from a chain around his neck. Dude also had a salt 'n' pepper Jerri Curl afro.

Let's move on to TRASH in the library. When I left on Wednesday, I noticed a pile of trash on a table in the Teen Section. It was still there on Thursday when I passed it on my way to the reference desk. It was still there that afternoon. We have custodial staff all day long and even after hours. It wasn't that they had missed the floor, or even that section of the floor. They had cleaned around that area. One of my co-workers finally removed the remaining bag himself.

I would have posted this on Thursday, but blogger wasn't allowing me access.

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