Thursday, June 01, 2006

When you can no longer relate, you need to quit!!!

This morning was a madhouse. We had our monthly visit from a group of teen rehab chicks. They were actually just being teens, acting up in the library. Eating, drinking, and talking waaay toooo loud!! There were three adults acompanying them. You know the adults acted as if they could see no evil, hear no evil. They had a scheduled visit with the teen librarian. That was okay, but they were all over the place.

There were two who felt they were too good to conduct an online catalog search themselves. They first approached the other librarian on duty. He took time with them and showed them how to search the online catalog, while actually doing the search for them. Well, after 10 minutes and numerous searches, he told them that they would have to do the searches on their own. They proceeded to walk the floor and act like they were searching for a book.

What they were actually doing was waiting for him to leave the desk so that they could approach me. They had grand plans for me to search the catalog for all of the other books they were looking for. I had news for them. After searching one library record to see if the books placed on hold had arrived, I took them to the online catalog. I began to explain to them how to conduct a search. The little he**as had the nerve to tell me, " Oh, we already know how to search the catalog. He just showed us." I told them that they needed to search the catalog.

I then had to continue telling groups that were sitting near each other that eating and drinking were not allowed in the library. One group was sitting behind me. I told them that if I heard them eating again, I would make them sit at a table in front of the reference desk. Not two minutes later, I had to tell another group. After that, they had the nerve to say loudly "Why does everyone have attitudes today?"

The third adult accompanying the teens approaches the area drinking a hot beverage. My time at the desk was almost up and I chose not to say anything.

After I left the reference desk, all he** broke loose amongst the librarians. It was mostly the supervisors. They had a problem with the teens being allowed to run wild in the library. See that is the problem with some of us. They think because the teens are in a program, they should get special treatment. They are in that program because they are bad. Just like the adults who sell, and use drugs who are given the choice of time or a rehab. program, the teens chose rehab. Not all of the girls were bad. Out of 15 girls, 5 were really causing problems. The problem is, the girls would rotate, but it was always 5 at one time acting up.

The supervisors had a meeting with the manager, and they all spoke with the teen librarian. The teen librarian then asked me if she could speak with me regarding the matter. Supposedly, someone called me the "B" word but I didn't hear it. They were all in an uproar. I just told her that she should insist that they feed the girls before they enter the library. That will eliminate the food problem. I also told her that I wasn't sure if I should approach her or the adults with the teens in regard to their behavior.

The teens thought I was mean, but little do they know, I was nice.

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