Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Dream Lady"

That's the nickname the librarian's on my floor have given her. She calls the reference desk at least 3-5 times per week and we are open 7 days a week. Today was my lucky day. I was the one to answer her call this morning. She began the conversation by saying," I want the definition of a word." I said, " Okay, what is the word?" She then said, "No, I don't want the definition of a word. I want to know what linens mean." Before I could ask, she clarified her queston. She said, "I want to know what a dream about linens means, bed linens that is."

I found the book and told her that it says a dream about linens means wealth and pleasure. She didn't seem as if she understood what I was saying. Her response was," That's all it says?" I told her yes, wealth means money and pleasure means you will have a good time or enjoy yourself.

*****I must give some background after sharing this incident. When I began working here two months ago, I was told about an elderly woman who calls all the time. They told me that she always wants to know the meaning of her dreams. I received this description/explaination, as I was being shown a shelf of books about dreams and zodiac signs located directly behind the reference desk. They said that she calls so often that they made a space for these books on the shelf.

For a whole month, I never answered the telephone when this woman called. I always wondered about a woman who supposedly dreams so much. My day came one Sunday afternoon. She called and low and behold, she didn't like my answer to the meaning of her dream. She then asked me to look it up in another book. I told her that I was looking in one more book and if she still didn't like what I found too bad. She said okay. I gave her the second answer, she then asked me if that was all that the book had on that particular situation. I told her yes,l and she hung up in my face.


The other librarians in this department make up answers if what is written in the book is not good news. They have warned me that if you don't tell her anything good, she will keep you on the telephone until you do. I have told them about her hanging up in my face because I told her two books was my limit. **The red book has positive answers, usually*** Like I care!

A week after the hang-up incident, I was at the desk when she called. She asked me my name. I told her that we only give out our badge numbers as instructed by management. She then told me that I was lying because another librarian had given out her name. I informed her that it was a new policy. She said that she wanted my name because it was some woman who works here who doesn't like her and she doesn't know why. COULD IT BE THAT YOU SPEND YOUR DAYS THINKING OF WORDS TO CALL AND ASK US THEIR MEANING IN THE DREAM BOOKS????

This woman has said to me,"There are some dream books at the desk. You can look up what I dreamed about." Does she think our only reason for coming to work each day is to tell her words of encouragement?

I have told my co-workers that I will tell this woman whatever it says in the book, that's it, that's all!

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