Sunday, June 11, 2006

Now I want to vent about today.

The first hour that I was on the desk went well. The second hour that I was on the desk, I wasn't so lucky. After 15 minutes on the desk, the noise begins. It was a man, but he had acrylic nails(red,) bleached blond shoulder length hair, and he was yelling into his cellular telephone. You would think that his voice was soft from appearances, WRONG. He had this deep voice and he continued to yell. Some nice librarian created a slip of paper that explains where you can use a cellular telephone in the library. I handed that to him. He read it and kept yelling without missing a beat. When I looked at him like he had lost his mind, he covered his mouth with his hand. This didn't reduce the noise at all. I let him go on for 10 more minutes. I was giving him evil looks and he would lower his voice then raise it again. I finally got tired. I went over there and told him he had 2 choices. 1) Go to the designated area and talk, 2) Leave the library, or I would call security and have him escorted out of the building. He took his time, but he unplugged his charger and prepared to leave the building. He was still yelling into the telephone. I am sorry, I failed to mention that dude was charging his cellular telephone on the library's money and disobeying the rules.

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