Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I had been doing so well this week

AND THEN.......Patron: I um....need a book about people who take pictures. Me: You would like a book about photographers. Patron: NO!!!! People who take pictures and sell them, you know theeir name is printed somewhere on the photo. Me: Yes, you would like a book about photographers. Would you like a biography.

Patron: No, I don't want a biography. I want something that is annotated. Me: Okay, but photographers sell their photographs. Is there a particular book that you are looking for.

Patron: Yes, but it has to be about photographers. I conduct a search and print out the titles of two books. Patron I have already seen those books. Me: I asked you if there was a specific book that you were looking for. By now, my boss has gotten tired of the exchange and tells the patron to go upstairs where the books about photographers and photography are located.

The patron walks away and we are all now confussed.

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