Monday, June 12, 2006

That neon sign must have been real bright today!

I have a running joke with my friends, that I attract the worst. When in the club, you can usually spot me running away from the fugly drunks, those with gold teeth, process wearing, polyester leisure suit, or just got released from jail pen men.

Today was not any different. At work all of those and more always approach me with a reference question. As a children's librarian they came asking me to help them look for books that they new darn well were in the adult section. On to the story.......

I was helping an older homeless vanilla man search for books on Denmark. One was on the floor and the other was in the back. He was confussed because he had conducted the search himself, unsuccessfully. After giving him one of the books and sending him to the next location, he returned to the desk.

He made a point of explaining to me that he believes he is a direct desendent of Denmark royalty. He showed me two different pictures and asked me where he could make copies. I explained to him where the copy machines are located and sent him on his merry way. 5 minutes later, he returned to the desk whispering. He asked, "Is it okay if I give you a compliment?" I said sure, because I thought that he wanted to thank me for helping with his search. To my surprise, he whispered, "You are so pretty." I said thank you and he walked away.

My coleague, who is a Cocoa male, said "Why do you get the good ones?" He was teasing, but you know I didn't think it was funny. He also said he is so happy that I now work here. All of the "special" patrons flock to me and they no longer have to deal with them. Whomever is blessed to work the desk with me is in a position to watch the madness unfold. It is like a bee to honey. They wait in line to bother me. Some even come back later when they see that the desk is busy.

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